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crowning glory cakes by rebecca


crowning glory cakes by​ rebecca

FALL (Autumn)

cake decorating class

unique and creative custom cakes for all your special events and occasions.

​       Creating is in my blood. Creating enchanting delicous and beautiful one of a kind cakes is my passion.



​Growing up in a town in the north of England one was never far from a bakery where the temptations of the world of confections were always at your fingertips. While raising my five siblings and I my mother worked part time at Park Cake Bakeries, at that time the largest producer of cakes and desserts in the U.K.  As a small child, my favorite days, Mum would bring home delights including Chocolate Eclairs, Chocolate Swiss Rolls, Eccels cakes and my favorite Battenberg.  Even then the colors, flavors and textures of these confections were fascinating. Mum also loved to bake. Many times I would be by her side learning the skills needed to make the delicous crumbly pie crust of her famous apple pie. Always creating my own little version with leftover pastry. 

It wasn’t just in the kitchen where I learned and evolved some of my talents.  My father a handy man and do-it-yourselfer was always fixing and involved in projects.  From painting and wallpapering to carpentry and concrete my father can do it all.  Always by his side I would fetch tools and help when I could, absorbing and learning from my very talented and ever patient dad.

My family immigrated to the United States when I was a teenager.  I eventually went to work for a General Contractor and have continued working in the construction industry 25 years later!  There are several cakes made for company events posted throughout the gallery.  It's always challenging but fun creating unquie designs themed for each occasion. It's truly a joy watching the children marvel at each of the details.  "Yes, you can eat the chocolate ladybugs and ants" I answer, when excitedly asked.  Enjoy!

I attended culinary school learning industry fundamentals, however, are self taught in cake decorating and sugar art confections.  I have been creating beautiful cakes for friends and family over the past two decades.  

Styles, trends and flavors are forever changing within the world of cakes. A cake artist must continue learning new techniques and implementing different ingredients to stay in the game.  I am constantly being inspired to create "One of a Kind" cakes using all kinds of mediums, that not only look fabulous, taste delicious too! Which, of course, will never go out of style!  

Crowning Glory Cakes